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Kärlek, erotik och karezza

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Abstract och citat ur artikeln: 

Mapping the courses of heavenly bodies: The varieties of transcendent sexual experience.

av Jenny Wade

Artikeln är publicerad i The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology nr 2/2000. 
(The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology finns vid flera av de större universitetsbiblioteken. Se Libris!)


ABSTRACT: The relationship between sex and spirituality is a controversial topic i transpersonal psychology. This article presents a phenomenological inquiry into the nature of nonordinary, transcendent experiences reported during sex. Based on the results of 86 interviews with heterosexual, homosexual, and bisexual men and women ranging in age from 26 to 70, this study focused on spontaneously occuring experiences in individuals who had no prior history of tantric or other "spiritual" sexual practices. A phenomenological cartography is presented, based on the taxonomy developed by Grof (1975, 1988) and illustrated with numerous vignettes derived from the reports of the participants in this study. In conclusion, a vision of sex is considered that goes beyond more and better orgasms to genuine transcendens and integrated, embodied spirituality. 


From the article: 

"Owing to the variety, no simple definition of transcendent sex is possible. However, two factors consistently emerge from the narratives as characteristic of transcendent sex. The first, not surprisingly, is participation in an altered state that could not be ascribed to the use of chemicals or deliberate techniques. In this states, as illustrated below, the ordinary sense of time, space, and/or agency (in Cartesian-Newtonian or Formal Operations terms) is transcended. Furthermore, the altered state includes an awareness of the lover, if only as a conduit, and is rooted in the union of the two during sex. These altered states appear to be more or less independent of orgasm, which is considered a discrete state of its own. That was invariable true for the men: they entered an altered state that had no relationship to the time or duration of their climax. It was true for the majority of the women, as well. For a few, however, being non- or monoorgasmic during sex is either infrequent or impossible. These women were having an unending chain of orgasms that could last indefinitly, usually until their lover withdrew the contact, although the events they descibed as transcendent had little or no (subjectivly) discernible relationship to orgasm. (For most men and women in this sample, orgasm was either a nonevent or a problem relative to the trascendent sexual state. Some could not recall whether they had one, as they were so much drawn into other events; some said it became "irrelevant"; others found it a somewhat irritating distraction; and a couple found that orgasm shattered or ended the state.) (s.107)  



Jenny Wade: Transcendent Sex: When Lovemaking Opens the Veil (boken beräknas komma ut våren 2004)


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